SAJO takes great pleasure in sponsoring the second edition of the Master of Advanced Studies in Tall Building Design, a postgraduate specialization program of the università Iuav di Venezia. Launched in 2021, with the sponsorship support provided by SAJO and other key players in the tall building market, the program is the first of its kind in Europe and one of the few curricula, worldwide, addressing skyscraper typology. 

Università Iuav di Venezia is ranked among the world’s top 100 universities for architecture and built environment, according to the 2023 QS World University Ranking. It is also widely recognized in Europe and across the world as one of the finest universities in the field of Art and Design. 

Situated amid the natural beauty, and inspirational cultural landscape of the picturesque city of Venice, Università Iuav di Venezia stands as a school of excellence, deep-rooted in tradition but committed to innovation and international diversity in its staff and student body. Its motto of Firmitas (strength), Utilitas (functionality), and Venustas (beauty) captures the thrust of its aspiration and mission. 

As one of the leading universities across the globe dedicated to design in its many forms, the University focuses on not only architecture, regional and urban planning but fashion, visual arts, graphics, product design, multimedia, theater and performing arts. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and advanced specialization training in a range of disciplines in combination with internship practicums in Italy or abroad, as well as extensive research opportunities for the development of scientific and technological solutions. 

A worldwide network of partners consisting of internationally renowned architects, notable scholars, and leading professionals head the various academic programs and departments. In fact, Iuav has established agreements with prominent Italian and foreign academic and cultural institutions such as La Biennale di VeneziaParsons School of Design,  Illinois Institute of TechnologyMIT, and Shanghai’s Tongji University.

The university’s campus, located in the south-west corner of Venice’s historical center, consists of multiple heritage buildings, renovated, or restored at different points in time, to house the university’s faculties, departments, and specialized centers. 

The Tolentini complex, renovated between 1960 and 1965, and located in Calle Amai Santa Croce, is the university’s headquarters. It also houses the faculty of architecture and an extensive library replete with valuable collections of volumes, databases, journals, and international magazines dedicated to architecture and other design disciplines. 

Restored in the 1990’s, the Cotonificio veneziano site serves multiple functions and is comprised of a main office, classrooms, an exhibition hall, an auditorium, and an archival collection of industrial designs and technical materials. 

Acquired in 1972, Palazzo Ca’ Tron serves as an exhibition venue as well as being the seat of the university’s research lab infrastructure. Labs dedicated to construction and environmental sciences are housed in Mestre, the area granted by the municipality for the development of the city’s scientific pole. Labs used for the analysis of antique materials are based in Casa del gondolier.

The teaching hubs of the university are located at Magazzino 6, Magazzino 7 (Ligabue), Masieri, and Terese. Other campus sites include Palazzo Badoer, home to Iuav‘s School of Doctorate Studies, and Campo della Lana, the university’s administrative center.

To accommodate the influx of new students, the università Iuav di Venezia plans to expand its campus site and build new buildings to provide state-of-the-art academic facilities, a sports complex, additional student housing, and commercial venues. The expansion project also includes the construction of a communal park around the campus site, connecting the new campus to the old.

SAJO takes great pride in further contributing to the discipline of architecture by sponsoring the second edition of the Iuav‘s Master program in Tall Building Design. Following its initial sponsorship in 2021, SAJO had the distinct pleasure of inviting a graduate architect of the program to join its design/build team at its Montreal headquarters. More recently, SAJO had the opportunity to teach a class, from its Milan office to Iuav students on integrated design analysis and project delivery in relation to tall building retail projects.

In both cases, the experience proved successful and mutually beneficial and SAJO looks forward to the possibility of other collaborative ventures in the future.

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