Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in London (UK), Milan (IT) and Miami (USA), SAJO is an integrated project delivery company servicing North America, Europe, and other International markets with operations extending across retail, commercial, residential, public works, and utility sectors. We design and build your project environment from conception, project management through to post hand-off.


Globally recognized as an industry leader, we are strongly committed to:

  • Enhancing our leadership role and becoming a household name connoting excellence and quality
  • Fostering a culture dedicated to integrity, care, trust, honesty, loyalty, and transparency
  • Solidifying long-term partnerships across our network
  • Ensuring continuous improvement and lifelong learning


SAJO’s vision is to transform traditional approaches to assessing and constructing physical spaces across diverse industry sectors, through its application of state-of-the-art technology tailored to the built environment.



SAJO offers a wide variety of expertise, with services available on an individual or integrated basis. Clients are increasingly opting for the latter, more holistic approach, whereby all services are performed by one company.  By utilizing our multidisciplinary teams, we are able to gain a complete vision of the overall project/program requirements, and thereby deliver optimal results.


Every project is different, and so is every client. We understand the special requirements of each project and work together with our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure they are aligned from conception to delivery. We are attentive to the particular needs of each client as is reflected in our corporate structure and processes.


Founded in 1977 by Salvatore Guerrera and Nicola Tedeschi, SAJO’s humble beginnings originated in the trades with both founders in the field and on the tools.  Over time, their vision of becoming a full-scale building service provider was realized through the successful completion of retail construction projects across Canada.  Through hard work, strong relationships and dedication, they were able to grow, and to become a recognized industry leader.


Over the years SAJO has embraced social responsibility through the sponsorship of numerous charitable causes and organizations that are close to its heart. Since its beginnings, we have placed a high priority in contributing to the social fabric of the surrounding and wider community, with a strong focus on minorities, the medical community and the arts.

SAJO is equally committed to applying and developing its sustainability and green building practices. As part of the construction industry, SAJO is keenly aware of its environmental impact and consequently promotes the responsible use of materials and natural resources as well as convey the ecological and financial benefits of using alternative resources and work solutions.

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