SAJO’s ‘Future Studio’ explores and implements leading-edge technology, in order to deliver the most frictionless experiences during the development of a project by creating a live interactive digital twin of the space.

We implement immersive experiences where stakeholders interact inside a tri-dimensional virtual space, offering the experience of a spatial presence and real-time collaboration. By implementing this new technology, we are reducing and even avoiding the need to travel to the site by many of the stakeholders, while still monitoring all the milestones of a project.




We use leading edge technology in order to deliver an immersive 3D experience in each of the milestones of a project.  This information is stored within the online project portal.



Accuracy of 99.9% data collection during the site survey, creation of a digital twin of the space and cloud-based site information for future facilities management and maintenance. We are increasing productivity, reducing interpretation and enhancing efficient decision making by using real-time data.


Future Studio operates both as a value-add service to projects under management, or as a standalone platform for projects managed by others.

Services include:

  • Digital surveys (LiDAR & Photometric)
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Virtual Reality simulation and collaboration
  • Augmented Reality visualization
  • Mixed reality visualization
  • Immersive 3D weekly reports
  • Realtime Cloud Based data & models
  • Virtual Site Meetings
  • Immersive Clash Detection reports
  • As-built final photometric scan


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