The Easton represents yet another landmark in SAJO’S pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to design and build with communal and environmental safety and well-being, foremost in mind.

In recent years, SAJO’s diversification strategy has led to the development of its Real Estate Division in which the company’s cumulative expertise in retail environments, is creatively and effectively deployed. Whether acting in a design-assist, construction management, general contracting, and/or procurement capacity, SAJO’s specialization in the luxury retail market has paved the way for the company’s foray into the versatile sector of residential living.

Among SAJO’s stimulating and evolving collaborations with star architects and creative directors in the world of high-end retail, is the one with the renowned Foster + Partners, on the Apple Brooklyn project, in New York. Other noteworthy collaborations include Gensler and Gwenael Nocolas on the Tiffany & Co. flagships in Vancouver and New York, respectively; Peter Marino on the construction of Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Dior flagships in Toronto; Heidi Slimane on the building of the Yves Saint-Laurent and Céline stores in Vancouver and London (UK), respectively; Rem Koolhaas Architects on the Prada flagship project in Toronto; and French architect India Madhavi on the renovation of TOD’s flagship store, in London’s upscale Sloane Street.

By virtue of building flagships for prestigious global brands across Canada, the United States, and the UK, SAJO has cultivated the capability to expeditiously build high quality residences with the refinement, sustainable features, and timeless appeal characteristic of luxury retail flagships.

Extending its legacy to the residential sector, SAJO introduce its current mixed use condominium development project, The Easton, located in Montreal-West, a historic, well-positioned and vibrant municipality possessing a variety of quality services, beautiful green spaces, and recreational facilities soon to include a brand-new arena and sports complex as well as three of the best schools in the west-end.

The Easton, a four-storey, 53,000 square feet boutique project, for which construction, which includes the relocation of an existing municipal sewer line, has been forecast between October 2021 and April 2023 and will be fully managed by SAJO. Among the many notable features, sustainability, which includes modern forced air energy recovery, and energy-efficient HVAC systems with home automation regulation technology, is central to the design.

Echoing the rich architectural and cultural heritage of the neighbourhood, the project harmoniously integrates the Arts & Crafts style with modern design, placing an emphasis on the ornamental detailing of the red brick façade. In collaboration with its partner, Fisher Rasmussen Whitefield Architects, SAJO succeeded in creating a residential complex which addresses the varied needs and lifestyle preferences of the local market.

The project is comprised of garden units with private terrace gardens, condominium suites, expansive penthouses which include private offset terraces, as well as prominent commercial locals. The sleek modern interior of the building, featuring contemporary art, as well as the individual layouts of the diverse condominium units, were fully designed in-house by the SAJO team who sought to create functional, durable and timeless interior spaces amenable to client customization. The interior design of both common areas and residential suites exudes comfort, leisure, and sophistication.

The Easton represents yet another landmark in SAJO’S pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to design and build with communal and environmental safety and well-being, foremost in mind.

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