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Founded in 1977, SAJO has grown to become a company known as an industry leader in the field of project management, design-build, procurement, and construction, with operations extending across the retail, commercial, residential, public works, and utility sectors. 

As the recipient of multiple industry awards, SAJO’s high-quality standards and advanced technological solutions have made it the provider of choice for blue chip clients whose projects span across North America, Europe, and other international destinations.  

Apart from its Montreal headquarters, the company’s North American presence includes offices in New York and Miami, as well as several smaller satellite offices in various locations throughout Canada and the United States. The Miami office, strategically situated near the lively Miami Design District, specializes in high-end retail and residential projects emblematic of the local market. This close proximity enhances operational efficiency, enabling the team to deliver precision and innovation aligned with the distinctive demands of the Miami construction landscape.

SAJO’s presence on the European continent began over twenty years ago when it opened SAJO UK, the London-based branch of its operations. The office, first located in the landmark center of Covent Garden, was subsequently relocated to the nearby district of High Holborn, where it continues to expand its client base and execute construction projects across the UK and other European destinations.

In recent years, the company inaugurated a second European office situated in the heart of Milan, within the confines of the Palazzo Archinto estate, a historic Milanese landmark. Through its operational presence in the world capital of design and fashion, SAJO is uniquely positioned to absorb and implement the traditional artisanal savoir-faire of Italian craftsmanship, enabling it to enrich and extend its design and procurement capabilities. 

The company’s headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, has a history spanning almost half a century. Its latest location at 1320 Graham in the Montreal suburb of Town of Mont Royal is a large three-floor flagship building celebrated for its high-end renovations. The distinctive architectural design of the building was created by the firm of Perry, Luke & Little, while the interior was expertly designed by Philip Hazan architects. Its light-colored wood-paneled walls, travertine floors, high-end millwork furnishings, serene tones, and extensive artwork displays exude elegance, comfort, and tranquility. The premises’ singular spatial configuration and refined atmosphere are characteristic of SAJO’s passion for exquisite design, impeccable quality, and state-of-the-art building solutions. 

SAJO’s headquarter complex was designed not only to reflect its artistic acumen, and design/build capability, but to accommodate the human needs of a dynamic and growing workforce.

Each floor area is divided into an east, west and south wing which includes offices and workstations, conference rooms, printing and communication facilities, lounges for rest and relaxation, functional kitchenettes, lavish washroom facilities, and storage areas. A surround of large windows flanks the sides of each wing, allowing natural sunlight to flow through and permeate the space.

Executive suites, located on the third floor, are occupied by the CEO and President. Their shared love of art is apparent and reflected in the exclusive furnishings, multiple artworks, sculptures, and precious collectibles, displayed in the elegant and sophisticated surrounds of their respective offices.

The workspaces span the building’s second and third floors and vary from large to medium sized offices to spacious, fully equipped, contiguous workstations, built to safeguard privacy and facilitate teamwork.

In addition, the elegantly furnished conference rooms on both the second and third floors are equipped with state-of-the-art telecommunications systems. These facilities are used by all staff members when meeting with internal and external stakeholders and when making corporate presentations.

The main boardroom, situated on the third floor, accommodates large groups where lunches and dinners can be served to those participating in either regular meetings or special sessions. Adjacent to the main boardroom is a smaller but spacious wood-paneled boardroom available to staff. Other small conference rooms can also be found in the east and south wings of the second and third floors, which are frequently occupied by project management teams who meet on a regular basis to plan and execute projects. 

The second floor houses an impressive library, next to the reception area, where staff can leisurely browse texts and magazines, take time to study and analyze business and operational issues, and write company news articles or departmental reports. The space also serves as a meeting or conference venue when other rooms are unavailable. 

Located in the basement area are key facilities designed for the leisure and comfort of staff. The first is a spacious cafeteria equipped with all kitchen amenities and the second is a full-sized gym and fitness center with adjoining showers and locker rooms. Each of these facilities is widely used and enjoyed by staff.

SAJO’s pursuit of excellence applies as much to the improvement and expansion of staff facilities as to the quality and efficiency of its design and building solutions.

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