First Design-Build Company to Automate Retail Construction Tracing in North America in collaboration with Hewlett Packard.

SAJO, HP Construction Services and Siteline360, are introducing a new technology that automates site layout in retail construction projects: SitePrint. This solution is also being implemented across multiple verticals of the construction industry.

HP announced their new product “HP SitePrint” back in September 2022 during the annual Autodesk University conference in New Orleans. Since then, SAJO and HP have been in close collaboration under the umbrella of an Early Access Program that allows leading construction companies to use the product before the official market release. We are proud to be the first and only Canadian company belonging to this ecosystem of worldwide innovation.

HP SitePrint is a rugged and autonomous robot capable of printing layouts on different finished surfaces with high precision and speed. Designed to be compact enough for easy transportation, HP SitePrint also consists of cloud tools that helps operators prepare jobs, manage fleet, and track the robot usage

For over a decade, SAJO has been researching ways to improve the layout process on site while keeping the richness of detail and text when facing highly complex layouts that used to take days or even weeks to complete. With the use of HP SitePrint, SAJO can now achieve this level of detail efficiently and effectively.

HP SitePrint has a wide variety of inks for different surfaces, and it is able to print various line types. It’s text printing capabilities bring additional data from the digital model to the construction site. It can accurately layout not only wall positions but also centerlines, datum lines, and RCP information that details components of different disciplines.

With a printing speed of  1,440m/h (4,724 ft/h) and an ink catridge capacity of 400ml, the robot can exponentially speed up the process of laying out the floor compared to the conventional manual process. It increases the accuracy, reduces reworks in the layout process, and operates within 1/8″ accuracy. [1]

By orienting a Robotic Total Station to a set of control coordinates and measuring the distance and angle to the tracking prism integrated in HP SitePrint, it will provide precise positioning to the layout robot.

The implementation of this technology is aligned with other already established technologies and processes led by SAJO’s Innovation Department, such as LiDAR and RADAR scanning, BIM modelling and Extended Reality. Before starting the layout printing process, the team can overlap Plans vs Reality Capture to ensure that the layout printing process will be correctly performed.

A detailed clash detection process is carried out to highlight any discrepancies between the proposed design and existing site conditions, predicting incompatibilities, anticipating corrective actions and ensuring the best final layout to be used on-site.

With SitePrint, SAJO enhances the concept of a “Digital Bridge” between the field, the project, the different disciplines, and stakeholders involved in the development of any design and construction project.

SAJO has successfully implemented HP SitePrint in multiple projects across Canada, and the US, accurately printing thousands of square feet in different sectors of activity such as retail, institutional and residential.

Stay tuned for more information about the implementation of this new technology in Europe, which will be managed by SAJO’s UK office.

[1] Accuracy tolerance of +/- 1/8in while operating with a 3” Total Station at a distance between 5m and 30m” 

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