Milano Drawing Week 2023: Celebrating the Art of Drawing from Past to Present.

The third edition of Milano Drawing Week took place over a period of nine days from Saturday, November 25th to Sunday, December 3rd, 2023. 

Showcasing a collection of modern and contemporary drawings from the 20th and 21st centuries, the event serves to highlight the relevance of drawing as the earliest form of artistic expression, and to recognize its importance as a prevalent and autonomous art form, on a par with the medium of painting and sculpture. In this third edition, the Milan Drawing Week Prize for best drawing, the first of its kind in Italy, was introduced and awarded to one of the participating contemporary artists, further underscoring the medium’s vitality and position in the artistic landscape.

As in previous years, this citywide exhibition took place under the auspices of the Milan City Council’s Department of Culture, and in collaboration with the city’s museums and galleries.  

The exhibits were housed in a constellation of twelve sites, sprawled across the Milanese capital, two within civic institutions, Castello Sforzesco and the Museo di Storia Naturale, and ten within the prestigious galleries of Clima, Galleria Tiziana Di Caro, Galleria ZERO, Gió Marconi, Kaufmann Repetto, Loom Gallery, Monica De Cardenas, OPR Gallery, Renata Fabbri, and Spazio Lima.

The urban itinerary of Milano Drawing Week includes works by great 20th century masters such as Gianfranco BaruchelloUmberto BoccioniGiorgio de Chirico, and Piero Manzoni, to name but a few, and by such contemporary artists as John Bock, Umberto Chiodi, Luca Gioacchino Di Bernardo, Vadim Fishkin, Mad Meg, Valerio Nicolai, Adrian Paci, and Brandi Twilley, among others.

As organizer and curator of the exhibitionCollezione Ramo loaned the Milanese circuit a selection of works on paper, including watercolours, collages, gouaches, and pastels, by 20th century Italian artists, as a means of connecting the practice of drawing with the history of Italian art and the city’s cultural legacy.

In addition to the exhibitions, the 2023 edition included four side events aimed at showcasing drawing in novel contexts. Disegno Suono Movimento /Drawing Sound Movement explores the relationship between live drawing performances and popular musical tracts; Guida all’Orchestra/ Guide to the Orchestra, stages drawings in real time by the artist Ettore Tripodi, as a backdrop to a concert performed by the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano in the elegant Auditorium di Milano Fondazione CariploSketchmob Italia is a gathering of drawing enthusiasts in the halls of Museo di Storia Naturale for the purpose of exercising the craft; and finally, Vietato Saper Disegnare /Forbidden to Know How to Draw is an educational workshop on the techniques of drawing dedicated to children aged 5 to 11. 

On the evening of November 29th, a cocktail party was host by SAJO’s industry partners in the Milan office space. As in previous years, SAJO drew inspiration from taking part in yet another successful edition of Milano Drawing Week.This unique immersive experience in the world of art serves as an intellectual springboard for architectural and design-build professionals in search of original perspectives. 

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